Mixed Media Expression Series

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Commission the ArtistThe Digital Expression Series began to emerge almost as soon as Brent launched his graphic design career in the mid nineties. There was a certain computerized sensibility reflected in the art with it's use of lines, numbers, and fonts; even though no measuring tools or computers are used to aid the artist. Ironically, the work is completely spontaneous despite it's seemingly ordered composition. Splattered paint, frantic scraping, ripped canvas, and multiple layers manage to obscure any order. Upon further examination, certain design elements appear to be painted with an impressionist's hand, where dancing brush strokes dissipate into the corrosive textures. Eventually, human figures began to appear in the series. The addition of these subjects turned what was simple non-objective work into backdrops for more thought provoking pieces. The figures seem to be reflecting on the world of numbers and random words they're submerged within. The Digital Expression Series is still evolving to this day as Brent continues to explore the duality of being an artist and a commercial designer.


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